Ultra-Flex Bird Spikes 5″ Spread


If you have birds landing on ledges and other flat surfaces that are open to the sky or significant space above, bird spikes are an easy and discreet way to repel unwanted birds.

Not available for sale in the USA.

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Birds Spikes, Ultra-Flex 5 inch Spread, 100 feet, packaged in 2 ft sections
We are selling BRAND NEW 5″ Premium spread bird spikes, that are packaged in 2 ft sections. Premium bird spikes have 40% more polycarbonate added to their base and the spikes are made with 35% more stainless steel than our competitors !! Each box contains 2 foot sections that total the quantity purchased. Boxes of 12 ft, 24 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft sold.
All of our Premium Bird Spike bases are manufactured with a UV Protection inside the Recycled polycarbonate. Most of our competitors do not manufacture with a UV protection. Without this protection, with-in a year the base will turn yellow and crack.
Our spikes will last more than 10 years!!

Find out more, including PDF downloads, on our product page: Bird Spikes

Ultra-Flex Bird Spikes

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4 1/2" high spikes, 5" width (spread), 2 ft. per section


Spikes are made of stainless steel dipped in a coating to prevent rust.
The base is made from UV protected polycarbonate.


Ultra-Flex spikes can be adhered to curved or flat surfaces using caulking, cable ties (zap-straps), or screws/nails using the pre-drilled holes in the base.


All spikes come with a 10 year warranty against breakage and yellowing due to sun exposure.

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